Welcome to Sunshine Learning Academy! We are located in the heart of Mayfair at 7125 Frankford Avenue and 7202 Frankford Avenue in Philadelphia. We proudly participate in the Pennsylvania Keystone Stars Program and hold a STAR 4 rating (out of 4 stars!) We are currently a PHL-Pre-K Provider.

Here at Sunshine Learning Academy, we put an emphasis on learning through experience. Our facility is equipped with toys and supplies that encourage children to build, explore, and learn new ideas based upon their experiences.

We accept children of all ages, from infants to children 12 years of age. We provide before and after care for Mayfair Elementary and Edwin Forrest Elementary.

In the summer, we run an exciting day camp for children to ensure they are having fun all while still learning! This summer our school-age children participated in the READ BY 4th PROGRAM to keep up with their reading skills over the summer. 

Mission Statement

Sunshine Learning Academy is committed to providing a safe, wholesome, and developmentally appropriate environment for infants through pre-kindergartners of all ability levels. As an educational facility, our duty is to provide a stimulating and educating experience for every child under our care that will promote his or her social, emotional, physical, and cognitive development. Above all, safety is our number one priority; we strive to create as much of a safe and nurturing environment as possible that is governed by the highest standards of care, creativity, and learning.

Our curriculum is called "Funshine Express" and is aligned with the PA state standards. We  conduct assessments through out the year using The Ounce Scale and The Work Sampling System. We believe that wholesome learning with an emphasis on creativity is necessary for children to develop socially, intellectually, and emotionally. At Sunshine Learning Academy we believe that the skills a child needs to be successful when they are older should be developed as soon as possible. Thus, creativity remains a strong element in our curriculum throughout the year.

We hope to see your child soon at Sunshine Learning Academy!

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